Filming Anunnaki Sizzle Reel is Complete!

What a great experience it was to work with such Talent! I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud!

The day started super early, as we met in the JAG Public Safety yard. I met with Patrick Newcomb, who is our Production Manager. He had already been hard at work preparing equipment and such so that things would run smoothly during the shoot.

The President/CEO of JAG PUBLIC SAFETY, LLC, Lucio Gonzalez, arrived and really made things happen for us. What a great guy! He opened his place of business to us like we were family, which I am proud to say, I truly feel we are all family at this point. Without his assistance, we could have never filmed Anunnaki with such awesome production value.

From scene to scene and location to location, Cast and Crew traveled and filmed in 100 degree weather with the sun shining bright.

The cast that we were working with were amazing. They poured their hearts out to make each and every scene their very own. The dedication I saw between cast and crew was amazing. It was a breathtaking experience to watch the script I wrote come to life.

I was asked once what it was like to see your very own script being played out. The only way I could answer; it was like giving birth with all joy and no pain. Not that I could even imagine what giving birth is like, but to see your creation being played out, the cast and crew coming together to make everything work, just awesome. A Deja Vu if you will.

After a full sixteen hour day on set, the cast and crew were exhausted, although it was hidden from sight by their excitement love for this project.

So the Filming of the Anunnaki Sizzle Reel is finished. Now the editing begins. Miguel Cantu of Altered Vision Studios will edit, polish, and then package this creation of love.

Just a little behind the scenes, before you see it on your favorite Network! 👽

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