Do I Believe? Well…”Yes” I said!

You know, I was asked the other day if I believed in Aliens, UFOs, Ghosts, and other Cryptid type animals.

I was really surprised that I was asked this question. But my answer was a very strong “YES!”

Did I shock you with my answer? Well, for those of you who know me, that answer won’t come as a shocker.

For those of you who don’t, let me just say this.

I have been doing research into the Paranormal for a majority of my life, even when I was to young to know that ghosts and UFOs don’t exist. Did that make sense?

Anyway, the scripts that are written into our horror movies, Science Fiction, Ghosts, or Cryptid Animals, May be fictitious as a storyline itself, however, is it really just a good Science Fiction Show?

I honestly believe that at some point in time, encounters such as the ones written in our scripts may have occurred, or have yet to occur.

To believe in the Paranormal is to believe in the world we live in. To believe in what some feel are just imaginations running wild. To see what others are blind to seeing.

Yes, my imagination may stretch the limits of our world when writing a script for a movie, however, do I truly believe in Ghosts, UFOs, Cryptids, etc. “Yes” I really do!

Alien Wolf Productions May stretch the imagination of the writers, but that is why we are so good. That’s why our scripts will chill your blood and make you wonder if what you read was real or true. We write from the heart and take you on that same journey with us. Welcome to our world. A world where anything is possible.

So…follow Alien Wolf Productions and enjoy the ride.

Send us a note and let us know what you think of us. Share us with your friends and family. Visit Altered Vision Studios and say hello.

On a special note…Paranormal Analytical will be on Amazon Prime VERY soon!

Remember…We Love all of you and will continue working hard to make the best in Horror, Paranormal Documentaries, and Science Fiction films, based on the truth!

Remember…It’s only a story until it happens to you. 👽

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